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We are your auto gauge repair and replacement specialist, we have many different auto gauge parts ranging from white face gauges to auto gauge repair and rebuild parts. Each auto gauge has its own unique page so make sure to ask us any questions you might have about your auto gauge. Some of the auto gauge parts that we offer are: If you have any questions at all regarding any auto gauge parts be sure to ask us your auto gauge question on our contact us page and also don't forget to check out the frequently asked questions page. Don't forget to auto gauge your ride with and our specialty offered auto gauge services.

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  • Why should I use you guys over a competitor when I want to modify my auto gauge?
    • Answer: That's an easy answer, it's because we rock. We have been rebuilding gauges and clusters for 10 years. We take great care of your cluster parts and have the best prices around.

  • I am thinking about customizing my auto gauge what do I need to know?
    • Answer: The only thing that you will need to know is that depending on your application and what type of custom auto gauge you are looking for will depend on the expense. Most work is very fairly priced but some custom auto gauge work is very time consuming so we have to charge for this highly custom auto gauge work.

  • Can I send you my auto gauge so I don't have to do the install myself?
    • Answer: Yes, we do this every day and we have a department dedicated just to installing customer white face auto gauges on their automotive clusters. Give us a call at 1-866-935-6200 or contact us via email.

  • My auto gauge is broke, do you fix them and if so how much do you charge?
    • Answer: Yes we do fix broken auto gauges but depending on the issue will determine the charge on your auto gauge. You can call us to send in your broken auto gauge that needs repair, the bench testing of an auto gauge is $5.00 and an entire cluster is $15.00.


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