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We offer a wide range of custom gauges, whatever your need is for custom gauges you have found the right custom gauge company. We can design you something for any style and type of custom gauge for your instrument cluster, some of the basic style custom gauges that we offer are our color changed faces. These are stylish, inexpensive and easy to install. For those of you who want a more custom gauge you will have to contact us for a quote, we can put custom graphics and do most style of custom gauges. Please note that depending on your vehicle type and year will depend on what you can do for your custom gauges. Also we don't place automotive maker logos on our custom gauges, this is a copyright law and something that we don't want to get involved with. We offer a custom gauge color matching service and have a $3.00 gauge color matching sample sheet available for those of you that want to match custom gauge colors to your interior.

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click here for Acura white gauges

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  • How can I match a custom gauge to my specific interior color?
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  • What is it going to cost to for s custom gauge color change?
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  • I want a custom graphic on my custom gauge is that possible?
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