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Glow Gauges

Our glow gauges are one of a kind, however we offer a certain type and style of glow gauge and each vehicle has its own unique look. Most of our white face gauges can be converted to a stylish glow gauge by using our traditional and very popular led lighting upgrades. These led bulbs can give your automobile that very special looking glow. The led usage for each vehicle is different so make sure to look at your vehicles white face gauge page to make sure led's and what style of lighting is available for a glow gauge conversion. If you have any questions regarding glow gauges please feel free to contact us and we will promptly answer any question you might have. We also have a frequently asked question page for other questions and concerns that may arise about glow gauges.

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  • What are glow gauges?
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  • I want to keep my factory look on my gauges?
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  • I have a newer vehicle and I still want all of my dash lighting to match how can I do so?
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