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LED Installation with Soldered bulbs

For sockets that have 194 bulbs soldered in them.

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This tutorial will cover the removal of the 194 bulb and the installation of our LED bulbs in sockets that have the 194 bulb soldered to a metal pin. This type of fixture is commonly found on Mopar and GM clusters.

The bulb soldered into the base.

194 Removal:
Lets go ahead and make sure you have the tools necessary. Its pretty simple actually, you only need a pair of needle nose pliers. Lets get started.

Go ahead and use the pliers and grab one of the metal contacts. Just pull up on it and it will start to come out of the plastic base.

You can see how it should come out. See that it is pulling he soldered wire with it?

This shows both of the metal leads removed.

If part of the wire insists on staying attached to the lead, just use the pliers and pull it off.

LED Installation:
Simple enough. Obvisouly, you need to have the correct LEDs to install. Only the 4 point bulbs will work. The 6 point bulbs will need new sockets.

Go ahead and straigten the leads on the LED bulb.

Now slide the bulb in the socket and make sure the wires come out as shown.

Now you can slide the metal pieces back in. Once you have them installed go ahead and wrap the LED wire around. Now you can install them in your cluster.