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Odometer Reset

We offer an in house odometer reset service but for those of you that want to use our Do-It-Yourself odometer reset kits they can be found here on our odometer reset page. Each vehicles has a different setup and configuration so not every odometer reset kit will work for your vehicle that's why we suggest sending us your speedometer with the odometer so we can reset it for you. Contact us for any vehicle related odometer reset job and don't forget to check out our other instrument cluster products and gauge repair services. Please note that most of our odometer reset kits and services are for late model vehicles.

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  • If you odometer reset your vehicle is that illegal?
    • Answer: It is only illegal to reset your odometer and then lie to someone out it. If the mileage of the vehicle is not documented differently then you are ok. Odometer reset away!
  • How long does it take to get my odometer reset if I send in my speedometer?
    • Answer: Usually we ship out your speedometer completed and odometer reseted within 5-7 business days.

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