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Polish Your Clear Gauge Lens

Justin Smith - Photos
Justin Smith - Text

Be prepared for a doozy of a tutorial here. This one is going to cover the proper way to polish your cluster lens.

Pretty simple items needed here, just the polish and some paper towels.

The key to polishing is to remember you are scrubbing the polish into the surface. This will help it remove the surface contaminants and light scratches.

Go ahead and open your plastic polish and put some on the lens. You don't need a whole lot.

Just work in a circular motion. You will notice your paper towel will get nasty quick. Just get another one and keep scrubbing.

Just keep switching out the towels and eventually you will have no more polish left on the lens. You will notice it is now much cleaner.

The finishing touch:
Pretty much all you need to do is keep applying the polish and rubbing it in until you have achieved the result you are looking for. Some scratches are beyond the limits of what the plastic polish can fix.