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Repair Your Broken Gauge Needles

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So, you broke your needle. Yikes! No need to worry though, it can be fixed. This tutorial will cover the procedure to repair a broken needle.

Busted needle.

Repairing the needle:
The most important thing to remember when working with the needle is to BE CAREFUL! They are beyond fragile. You are going to need some superglue and some needle paint to repair it. To make it look better, you will need a razor to cut off the excess glue.

What you want to do is put a dab of superglue on one of the broken ends. Then hold them together until it sets for a minute. Then you can place it somewhere gently to let it dry. Don't worry about the excess glue just yet, let it dry first.

Once it has dried, you will want to get a razor blade out and slowly and gently cut away the excess glue. Dont worry about scratching off the paint. The new paint will take care of that.

What you are left with is a smooth repaired needle that needs some paint.

The next step:
Now at this point, you need to paint the needle. Just to be safe, let it dry for an hour or two before going on to the next step. When you are ready to paint the needle, please check out our tutorial on how to paint needles.