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Speedometer Calibration

Yes that's right we offer speedometer calibration for purchase on our web site, this is due to customer demand and suggestions. Everyone wanted an easy way to purchase calibration services for your speedometer so we listened. Please note that the speedometer calibration service is not a repair service, meaning if you speedometer is making noise, slipping gears, winding, clicking, popping or just plain doesn't work the speedometer calibration service is not for you. For those of you who want to change your 85mph to a 140 mph then you found the right place, you can purchase our speedometer calibration service if you have an extra mph in the gauge kit or if you look on your vehicles white face gauge page and see that there is a different or higher mph variation for your vehicle then yes this speedometer calibration service is for you. If you want your speedometer calibrated for a mph that we do not offer then you want the speedometer calibration with layout service or contact us for details. We take your gauge and convert it to any custom mph that you want.

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  • How long does it take for me to get my sent speedometer calibrated?
    • Answer: Usually this takes 1-2 weeks upon paying for the speedometer calibration.
  • Can I use a Metric Kilometer speedometer and have it calibrated?
    • Answer: Most of the time you can, however most of the odometers on the speedometer are slightly different so it will not count mileage correctly if it is calibrated.


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