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Led Usage Lookup

We offer 5 colors of LEDs; blue, green, red, amber and white.  Our LEDs can be put in your cluster to change the color of the illumination. To check what type of bulbs you will need for your instrument cluster please refer to the other information details on the white gauge page of your vehicle or click below to search.

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Available LED Illumination Products

4 point 194 - $5.00 per piece


(wedge base with 4 leds)


6 SMD 194- $8.00 per piece


(surface mount LED wedge base w/ 6 leds) - Super Bright

4 point BA9- $5.00 per piece

(bayonet metal push/twist base with 4 leds)


1 SMD 74 - $5.00 per piece


(surface mount LED mini wedge base with 1 led) - Super Bright


Side Lighted Style

This style was used for older vehicles and will give your vehicle cluster a neat glow look. The illumination comes from the back of the cluster but uses a bezel to reflect the light onto the front of the gauges.

Back Lighted Style

This style lights your vehicle cluster from the back of the cluster and changes the color of the lettering and markings of your cluster. Not all colors work for every vehicle so please make sure that you check this before you order.